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Image by James Wainscoat

"What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what difference you want to make"

- Jane Goodall

Animal impact is a naturally occuring interraction in nature. It’s simply the affect animals have on the landscape as they go about their daily lives. A lyrebird scratching for insects, dung beetles burrowing, or a wallaby grazing.  We simply take the natural behaviours of goats and direct them in a targeted way to produce outcomes for the landholder. 

Some advantages of using goats for environmental works:

  • Goats are quiet

  • Love eating weeds over many other plant species like grasses

  • Sterilise weed seed as it passes through their digestive system

  • Create litter (natural mulch)

  • reduce fuel load

  • take out fire ladders

  • safe fire hazard reduction

  • Move gently in the landscape with minimal disturbance to the insects and animals already living in the target area

  • Goats work in difficult to access areas

  • gentle soil disturbance but low compaction

  • Goats don't like getting their feet wet, making them excellent for management of riparian zones (creeks and streams)

  • When managed appropriately goats can improve soils, benefiting the ecosystem from the ground up

  • Goats are nice to be around


Pi Wei Lim

About Us

we're totes into goats

Between the two of us we've got a whole lot of experience in natural resource management, holistic management, human health, goat health and soil health.

We're passionate about leaving this place better for the future generations of all species on this planet.  There's lot's of things we need to stop doing for this to happen, but there's also things we just need to do a differently.


This is at the heart of our endeavour.


David Hilhorst

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